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High Five

hight five surf

TransWorld SURF’s High Five is mental! After gathering one of the most diverse crews ever for a surf movie, the resulting footage blew minds—especially the bonus footage of Kelly, Andy, and Cory at a never before seen secret left). So without further adieu, here’s what you have in store when you see the movie



Andy Irons
Andy has been under a lot of scrutiny since his return to the world tour this year. All we can say is when you watch his part in High Five, you’ll be reminded of why he is and always will be one of the world’s most radical surfers.



Wade Goodall
We can’t get enough of his shredding so we sent our camera-dogs after him. When you see some of the stuff he’s got, you’re gonna hope he’s already signed on for High 5 The Sequel. But let’s take it one step at a time here and see why his peers call him one of the best freesurfers on earth.


Eric Geiselman
If we don’t say so ourselves, this is Eric’s first proper video part. He’s one of the first guys to have flips and Kerrupt’s on lock, and he bangs out more than his fair share of advanced and impossible-looking tricks. Call this Eric’s coming out part(y), even though he’s already been in the game for years.


Fergal Smith
The Youtube sensation is our dark horse. We basically let him film the whole winter in his own backyard and didn’t see any footage until it was all compiled. We were blown away by some of the slabs this knight tames, and you will be too when you see him from the inside and outside of some mean cold north Atlantic drainers.


Andrew Doheny
Is Andrew aka "Droid” America’s next surf superstar? Yes, that’s why we’re giving him the opening section of High Five, and that’s why every surf magazine and filmer is on his nuts right now. In the past you’ve only gotten a taste of what this kid is capable of, now you’re gonna see the whole story of a kid transitioning from grom to full-blown man-shredder.

And since it’s summer, your video library wouldn’t be complete unless we gave you the TransWorld SURF Swimsuit DVD for free when you buy High 5. Travel to the Yucatan with the TransWorld SURF crew as they shoot their best selling swimsuit issue! That’s two vids for the price of one!


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